Trump ACTUALLY Called These Countries S**tholes

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Donald Trump had a preposterous day which started with a very Trumpy tweet, then he rejected a bipartisan deal for the immigration bill DACA, and he ended the day calling Haiti, El Salvador and a handful of other countries “S***holes.” The only silver lining was hearing Wolf Blitzer say that word all day on CNN.

Trump’s 2,000 Lies – A Documentary https://youtu.be/qQruDaf7bKs

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Trump ACTUALLY Called These Countries S**tholes

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    Popular Comments:

Wealth Audio Production . 2018-01-20
However, Trump loves Scatology
121 2 . Reply
Kirbae . 2018-01-20
Jimmy Kimmel is fake news
121 2 . Reply
declan h . 2018-01-20
Why are these late night shows so political there not very funny
121 2 . Reply
Jack Soxman . 2018-01-20
_President Trump said something that almost every single person in America agrees with: A lot of immigrants to America come from countries that aren't very nice. That's why they want to come to the U.S. Yet everyone is up in arms because he used an expletive in a private conversation?!?

Give me a break!!! 😡
121 2 . Reply
Linda Lucas . 2018-01-20
121 2 . Reply
y1521t21b5 . 2018-01-20
he's the least racist person you know.
121 2 . Reply
george ochoa . 2018-01-20
He's not wrong, stop being offended by the truth and grow up.
121 2 . Reply
awais bhatti . 2018-01-19
Slaves from Africa were used to build the Modern Empires like US Uk etc
Never been paid ...
Don't forget
121 2 . Reply
Quack ER . 2018-01-19
America is a pretty bad country.
121 2 . Reply
Ørjan Arvikk . 2018-01-19
So what?
They are shitole countries... that's why so many leave them to live in Europe and the US
121 2 . Reply
Kurt . 2018-01-19
Leave it to the left to turn everything into a race issue. President trump called haiti and African countries shitholes because crime, poverty and corruption are rampant.
121 2 . Reply
Cynth Middlehorn . 2018-01-19
On one hand I'm over the jokes but on the other hand I need the jokes to get over the reality ya feel
121 2 . Reply
Chris Doyle . 2018-01-19
Can’t stand jimmy kimmel so cringey
121 2 . Reply
Paris Zafari . 2018-01-19
I am proud to be a Canadian
121 2 . Reply
Nia Miller . 2018-01-19
I just hope Trump realises the rest of the world sees America as a joke. I just wanna take all the people who feel rejected, undermined and diminished by Trump and just give them a hug and refuge in my country, NZ 😘
121 2 . Reply
sizwe zondi . 2018-01-19
121 2 . Reply
Phunker1 . 2018-01-19
Kimmel, do you really think this has all to do with color and has, in fact, nothing to do with these countries being shitholes?
121 2 . Reply
KGOSHI NTSOANE . 2018-01-19
121 2 . Reply
Fallow The Deer . 2018-01-19
He should take a look at his own country. Then say how much of a "shithole" other people's countries are.
121 2 . Reply
scca1408 . 2018-01-19
Trump is not polite or have manners but he is telling the truth. Why the USA who is passing through a difficult time (because Obama), has to received or resolve problems from other countries who never and always are in the same ( shithole)?.
121 2 . Reply
Jakob Eik . 2018-01-19
There is no war in Norway? Norway is one of the safest places in the world. So how can he get immigrants from Norway?
121 2 . Reply
OminousFlare . 2018-01-19
What an embarrassing year for America (or rather, I guess it's more accurate to say it's YET another embarrassing year). I love Kimmel and a lot of American citizens, but I'm so glad I don't live in your shithole country, hailing itself as the greatest country in the world.

I live in a first-world country, btw, not a black person either, so this isn't the remark of some bitter man wanting payback for what Trump said. This is the remark from someone living in a far better and less disgraceful country pitying the folks that live in that circus. I'm very well-off, and I certainly don't have to fight for my life on a frequent basis like the unfortunate people living in third-world countries, but even as someone living as well-off as American citizens, I pity you, and shame you. I might have my sympathies for the third-world citizens, but I pity you far more for how pathetic you are compared to starving children and child soldiers.

Shame on you, and for the sake of American citizens I do like there, I hope the impeachment will happen, sooner rather than later. #TrumpNixon2018

Keep preaching, Kimmel. Fight the good fight, and don't let these Trump apologists get to you. You let one get to you, it becomes a NeoNazi state all of a sudden.
121 2 . Reply
gibbs1966 . 2018-01-19
Well it is easy... Is he right or is he wrong? Lets start with something basic like
infrastructure,economy etc....
121 2 . Reply
Aaron Hennessey . 2018-01-19
Lol people think obama is what making the economy better. Anyone that works know how stupid that is, during Obama’s reign my insurance went from 37 dollars a month to about 800 dollars a month for the same coverage and my taxes doubled. I can see where liberals will be upset with tax rates going down and their welfare checks shrinking. I’d be pissed if my six pack and my money making children were not allowing me to get free dope phones and HBO channels to admire Hollywood actors bum lives while I lay in bed for the rest of my life.
121 2 . Reply
Bat Taz . 2018-01-19
Either they're Shitholes, or the asylum seekers and refugees ain't got a case.
You decide!
121 2 . Reply
Matthew McGrath . 2018-01-19
But they are Shitholes
121 2 . Reply
Russian Bot . 2018-01-19
It is an objective fact that those countries are shitholes. Jimmy, would you rather live in any of the countries he called shitholes or would you rather live in Norway?
121 2 . Reply
Dank Bonk ripper 59 . 2018-01-19
Oh boohoo kimmel
121 2 . Reply
SuleimanAlKurdi . 2018-01-19
The difference between Trump and the other politicians is that he says what he thinks while the other one's doesn't have the guts to actually say what they think. I would prefer someone to tell the truth than someone hiding it.
121 2 . Reply
CalmBeforeTheStorm . 2018-01-19
Oh yeah, I really want to immigrate from Norway to USA when Trumps the president :p
121 2 . Reply
Sarcastically Amusing. . 2018-01-19
Im still baffled that somehow he is still president let alone win the election. Well done America
121 2 . Reply
Mr. Floppy . 2018-01-19
Sooo... Are they not shithole countries?

Would you honestly move there by choice? No.
121 2 . Reply
Hebo Sabe . 2018-01-19
Jimmy Kimmel is an actor and he's not funny. He's just acting like an idiot while emoting in hsi safe space.
121 2 . Reply
Ivana Lam . 2018-01-19
My friend is from South Africa and she looks like this 👱🏻‍♀️
121 2 . Reply
Chris Nihill . 2018-01-19
And most of ye voted for him 😩
121 2 . Reply
Fraggle Rock . 2018-01-19
He’s right like
121 2 . Reply
Alfred M . 2018-01-19
...if said countries are not shitholes...what are their people escaping from??
121 2 . Reply
B Smoove Make Money . 2018-01-19
Calling a nation a shithole isn’t racist! Yet many blacks have admitted to thinking and agreeing with Trump about those areas really being shitholes. Ask how many blacks who moved out of poor sections of Chicago, Detroit, nyc, DC, New Orleans, etc what they call the slums of those cities....SHITHOLES! So if a white person agrees how is it all of a sudden racist yet blacks and whites will call many parts of Mexico and the Middle East shitholes and no one bats a eye... Liberal bullshit race baiting again.
121 2 . Reply
Something Sort Of Original . 2018-01-19
Are you saying they aren’t shitholes?
121 2 . Reply
LEGOOGEL . 2018-01-19
Well there’s a reason they want to leave lol I quit my last job and it can only be described as a shithole ! 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Kal HigginZ . 2018-01-19
Even the white house dont want him there
121 2 . Reply
Raphael Guillaume . 2018-01-19
I accept that my countrie (Haiti) is s**t but not everybody is s**t
121 2 . Reply
bobby cole . 2018-01-19
this has to be the twilight zone, im going to wake up any minute now from this long ass nightmare and my man obama is still going to be in office
121 2 . Reply
Álvaro Pavón Quintana . 2018-01-19
Well it is not Trump's fault most poor countries are populated by blacks.
121 2 . Reply
Robb Stark . 2018-01-19
But they are shitholes?
121 2 . Reply
Noivern Is Boss . 2018-01-18
Look at the amount of dislikes what is wrong with people
121 2 . Reply
9avedon . 2018-01-18
Why doesn't Jimmy joke about how the Clinton Foundation Raped that Sht hole Haiti out of 900 million dollars ???????????
121 2 . Reply
Jesse Duquette . 2018-01-18
I'm surprised Jimmy Kimmel wasn't crying
121 2 . Reply
todd krager . 2018-01-18
While the statement is accurate, the fact is the President never said it! More #fakenews from fake journalists.
121 2 . Reply
Silvama585 . 2018-01-18
Trump is against illigal immigrants not mexicand. Trump decided to deport people that are immigrants from a few select countries, he is not deporting muslims in specific. If you were to actually listen to what he says instead of the titles the mainstream media says about him he is very smart and not a liar period
121 2 . Reply